NOTICE: Telescan has migrated to a new webmail program called roundcube.
All of your contacts and as many settings as possible have been migrated over to the new application.
There are many new features such as a spell checker and easier mail sorting as well as enhaced mobile viewing.
Please click on the Settings icon after logging in for many options you can change,
including theme, sound/popup notifications for new mail among many others.

The old webmail system will be available for a limited time at
If you've lost your password due to a saved automatic login not working, you may be able to find it by following this helpful guide..
If you need password assistance, please contact us at 423-282-5043.

Please let us know how we can improve the new webmail system.
If you find a feature you use is not available, please email us at or call us at 423-282-5043.