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Telephone Systems

Isn't it time to upgrade your phone systems?

Take your communications to the next level with Telescan’s hosted PBX service, the only one hosted right here in the Tri-Cities. Instead of managing complicated expensive, on-premises telephone and IT technologies, move to a cloud based hosted solution and focus on streamlining to better support your business.

Propel Your Business Forward

Telescan’s Virtual PBX service delivers a secure, powerful and reliable network based, carrier grade solution. It bundles an advanced business IP phone system and voice services into a single managed solution—all at an affordable monthly cost for single or multiple locations.

You can now replace outdated PBX equipment or completely outfit new offices in a way that provides faster access to advanced communication features and capabilites without the headache that comes with purchasing and maintaining a comples on-premise system.

Flexibility and Control

Telescan’s Virtual PBX gives you the ability to design a custom solution that meets your business needs. You select the specific features that work for individual users and groups.

An easy to use 7″ full color touchscreen or a 4.3″ full color LCD display provides easy access to the features you need. HD Voice Quality ensure the highest call quality and eliminates many background noises and interference so every word is heard clearly. WiFi and bluetooth headset support are also available.

An easy-to-use web portal and interactive dashboard puts you in complete control, or you can always call us to assist with any changes. A few of the features are:


Buy only what you need today. Telescan’s Virtual PBX grows with you. Forget about the worries and significant expense of replacing an entire system when you simply just need to add additional phones or other capabilities. You can also consolidate your communications system and seamlessly connect headquarters with geographically dispersed locations.

Reliable and Maintenance Free

Unlike other systems, Telescan’s Virtual PBX in most cases can be connected directly to our own network, eliminating the need for an internet based connection. This ensures your service will be available even in an internet interruption. A direct connection to our local switch in the Tri-Cities also means you don’t have to worry about your voice getting lost on its way to a server thousands of miles away. Plus, the telephone system is fully managed by our own technicians. There is no need to hire specialized IT staff to keep your phone system up to date with the latest features.

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